Meet Our Horses


Miff is a beautiful Quarter Horse mare that has a reining background but has dabbled in such disciplines as hunter under saddle and jumping. She is a favorite in our lesson program with her easy willingness to move forward but has also participated in therapeutic lessons and competed at the statewide Special Olympics competition.



11 year old haflinger mare who is full of personality. She is always a friendly face when people walk into the barn. She has participated in the Equestrian program at Earlham College.


Tinkerbelle is a 15 year old gray Percheron mare. She is truly a gentle giant and has quickly become a favorite amongst students, staff and volunteers. Her quiet demeanor and kind eyes instill calmness and confidence in everyone around her. On the topic of her eyes we found out during her vet exam that she is blind in her right eye much to our surprise because she takes in everything presented to her without issue.






21 year old Quarter Horse gelding, who is a retired barrel horse and was donated to Dreams in February of 2014. He has served in many capacities while with the farm including typical riding lessons, but he calm steady demeanor makes him a favorite for our special needs programs.


20 year old Norwegian Fjord that has worked as a dressage horse in his past. Due to a dental disease in his upper teeth, he had to have them removed in January of 2016. This results in his tongue sticking out quite often. He is a sweet boy always up for a challenge.



Savanna is a fabulous all-around horse.  She can win medals with our special needs clients at the Special Olympics, ribbons with students at 4-H competitions, and let you enjoy a peaceful trail ride without concern.  18 and fabulous!


15 year old Haflinger mare that is so adorable that the kids want to take her home and keep her like a stuffed animal!  She is a very gentle,  sweet, and slow moving girl.  Tess delighted Fall Festival attendees as she defeated fellow horse competitors becoming the 2014 Apple Bobbing Champion!