Covid-19 Protocols

Dreams on Horseback continues to create safe spaces in which to conduct our programs through social distancing, masking and disinfecting protocols.  As the virus trends down. Dreams on Horseback will stay abreast of changing recommendations from leading health organizations and will adjust practices as deemed safe for our students and volunteers. Stay tuned as we strive to return to normal.

Military Connections at Dreams on Horseback:
Where Connection is Key

Disney, Points of Light Volunteer Family of the Year Nominee: Bell-Wallace Family

Columbus Underground Features Dreams on Horseback 

John Newman 2020 Everyday Hero Semifinalist  

John Ondo of OndoMedia was recently awarded his fourth Emmy for his video essay on the importance of the work we do at Dreams on Horseback to two of our participants and their families. Please enjoy John’s award winning film!

Military Connections 2018 from Ondo Media on Vimeo.